Genomic Imprinting and Epigenetics Meetings

2002: Epigenetic Mechanisms in Human Disease

Washington, DC: Welcome to the website on the "Epigenetic Mechanisms in Human Disease" to be held at the NIH in Bethesda, MD April 30th and 31th, 2002. Speakers include: T. Bestor (USA), V. Corces (USA), R. DePaulo (USA), A. Feinberg (USA), G. Hager (USA), Y.-M. Han (Korea), Y. Hayashizaki (Japan), S. Henikoff (USA), D. Higgs (UK), B. Horsthemke (Germany), B. Howard (USA), C.-L. Hsieh (USA), D. Lipman (USA), V. Lobanenkov (USA), M. Meguro (Japan), B. Migeon (USA), K. Muegge (USA), R. Nicholls (USA), R. Ohlsson (Sweden), M. Oshimura (Japan), E. Viegas-Pequignot (France), D. Preuss (USA), A. Razin (Israel), C. Sapienza (USA), M. Shirakawa (Japan), K. Sinclair (UK), B. Tycko (USA), T. Ushijima (Japan), W. Yasui (Japan), Y. Yu (USA), H. Zoghbi (USA).

ORGANIZERS: Terry Moody (Center for Cancer Research, NCI), Andrew Feinberg (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine), Mitsuo Oshimura (Tottori Univ., Japan), J. Carl Barrett (Center for Cancer Research, NCI)

Invited Speaker Presentations

The following is a list of the Environmental Epigenomics conference speakers and their addresses, along with links to their presentation abstracts and recordings. Audio is in MP3 format and video requires Shockwave Flash.